Volunteering Opportunities


Wells County Recycling Center: 702 W. Wabash St. Bluffton- Steve Day- 824-4828

                                                                   sort recyling

Wells County 4H Park: 1240 4H Park Dr. Bluffton- Jeni or look for Facebook Page posts-

                                     (Spring) help clean up the park (pick up sticks, leaves etc.)

                                      (Fall)-pancake booth. Backpack Program – donating food and supplies, coming to help pack bags on a week day evening. 

                                      Masters Gardeners- community garden

Wells County Library- 200 W. Washington St. Bluffton- Sarah MacNeill or fill out application at https://wellscolibrary.org/volunteer-at-the-library-  824-8612

                                      Helping at special events or volunteering weekly at one of our branches, organizing books, cleaning toys and books, sorting                                        donations, assisting with event set-up, prepping program crafts, scanning genealogy materials, working on the library                                                     scrapbook, and more.                                                  

Christian Care Retirement Community- 720 E. Dustman Rd. Bluffton- Betty Lough- 565-3000

                                                                helping with activities, wheelchair rides, Bingo

Camp Watcha Wanna-Do- PO Box 11166 Fort Wayne- Jennyfer Balkema or info.cwwd@gmail.com- 260-609-3155

                                    Art Barn, assisting with skills classes, providing support at evening programs and other activities, helping to serve food at                                                 meals and misc. administrative tasks.  

Boys & Girls Club- 1410 S. Wayne St. Blufton- Vicki Bell- 824-5070-

                              Working with children on their homework assignments (4:30 pm-5 pm M-Th) are available

Family Centered Services- 1515 N. Sutton Circle Dr. Bluffton- Paige Hamilton (phamilton@fcs-inc.net)- 260-824-8574

                                           Childrens Closet Program

Community Care Thrift Store- 117 S. Main St.  Bluffton- Edna Bassett or Lesa Asher- 260-353-1004

                                                Store open hours are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-2. 
                                                 Duties - Sorting new donations, hanging clothing, placing shelf ready items on store shelves, greeting donors who                                                   drop off new donations, emptying outside donation bins, light housekeeping & helping customers load or unload items. 

Turnstone- 3320 N. Clinton St. Fort Wayne, IN Beth Moody-260-483-2100-

                        Registration table, score table ,concessions, cleanup, basketball & hockey tournaments

                       Sign up link: https://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=c.SignUpSearch&eid=00C5CEDFFECAFD&cs=09C3BADA8FB88B137B7A64765BB2&sortby=startdate



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