Types of Funds




Field of Interest



Operating Funds:


Operational gifts constitute an important source of contributions for the Foundation's administrative expenses. These gifts allow the Foundation to focus permanent endowment funds on grants and programs.

  • Operating Fund

  • Operating Endowment Fund

Agency Endowment Funds:


Agency Endowment Funds are created for the benefit of charitable organizations or agencies that prefer to establish funds within the Foundation rather than create and manage their own funds.

  • Acres, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund

  • Agape Respite Care, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund

  • Bluffton Rotarian’s Endowment Fund

  • Caley Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Cancer Services Wells County Endowment Fund

  • Family Centered Services, Inc. Endowment Fund

  • Indiana Lions for Leader Dog, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund

  • Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana - Serving Wells County Fund

  • Norwell Dollars for Scholars Fund

  • The Salvation Army Hope for Wells County Endowment Fund

  • Wells Community Boys & Girls Club, Inc. Endowment Fund

  • The Wells County 4-H Program Endowment Fund

  • Wells County Public Library Endowment Fund

  • Wells County Soil and Water Conservation Fund

  • Whicker Park Inclusive Community Playground Fund

  • Youth Philanthropy Endowment Fund

  • YWCA of Fort Wayne, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund



Designated funds can be tailored for donors who want to support one or more specific organizations today but recognize that the world may change. If, in the future, an organization ceases to function or exist, the Foundation can then redirect income from the fund to organizations with a similar mission.

  • Angel of Hope Memorial Park, Inc. Endowment Fund

  • Archbold-Wilson Memorial Park Improvement Project Fund

  • Arts, Commerce and Visitor Centre Reserved Capital Improvements Fund

  • Babcock Family Gazebo Maintenance Fund

  • Bluffton RiverGreenway Preservation Fund

  • Bluffton-Wells County Animal Shelter Fund

  • Robert E. Covault Endowment Fund

  • Creative Arts Council of Wells County, Inc. Operating Endowment Fund

  • Decker Endowment Fund

  • Claude and Helen Decker Emmanuels Cemetery Endowment Fund

  • Downtown Bluffton Revitalization Maintenance Endowment Fund

  • K. Robert Ehrman Endowment Fund

  • Friends of Ouabache State Park Fund

  • The Huggins-Mann Pretzels, Inc. Legacy Fund

  • Kehoe Park Rotary Stage Fund

  • Kehoe Park Summer Concert Series Fund

  • Anne Marie Kuzmitz and Margaret Clare Kuzmitz Endowment Fund

  • Kenneth and Beth Lampton Creative Arts School of Ballet Endowment Fund

  • Limberlost Scouters of Anthony Wayne Area Council Endowment Fund

  • Mossburg Cemetery Endowment Fund

  • Deb Neuenschwander Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Parlor City Athletic Club Endowment Fund

  • Psi Iota Xi Sorority (Alpha Eta Chapter) Creative Arts Endowment Fund

  • Mary V. Reinhard Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Remembrance Fund

  • Resource Library/Seminar Fund

  • Howard and Beverly Rich Kehoe Park Endowment Fund

  • George K. Robb and Viella E. Robb Endowment Fund

  • Rock Steady Boxing Program Fund

  • Sailsbery Family Endowment Fund

  • Edward and Anita Sigl Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Dr. Tom Stogdill Community Service Award Endowment Fund

  • G. Robert and Emma Studabaker Endowment Fund

  • United Way of Wells County Endowment Fund

  • Wells Community Swimming Pool Fund

  • Wells County Community Center Endowment Fund

  • Wells County Historical Society Endowment Fund

  • Wells County Neuter/Spay Assistance Fund

  • Wells County Senior Citizens Center Endowment Fund

  • Wells to Riley Fund

Donor-Advised Funds:


Offer the donor the opportunity to be actively involved in an advisory capacity for distributions from this fund. As income becomes available for distributions, the donor-advisor recommends to the Foundation’s Board grants that meet his/her charitable interests. Donor-advised funds offer an alternative to establishing a private foundation.

  • Apostolic Christian Church of Bluffton North, Inc. Charitable Advised Fund

  • Bluffton Rotary Club Charitable Advised Fund

  • Bluffton Tri Kappa Memorial Fund

  • Caylor-Nickel Foundation Charitable Advised Fund

  • DAD's Fund

  • Dr. Walter O. and Bette A. Erxleben Donor-Advised Endowment Fund

  • Espich-Gabet Donor-Advised Endowment Fund

  • Jaime M. Gentis Memorial Donor-Advised Fund

  • Bruce and Willmina Hogg Donor-Advised Endowment Fund

  • The Huggins-Mann Pretzels, Inc. Donor Advised Fund

  • Howard and Beverly Rich Donor-Advised Fund

  • Wabash Endowment Fund

Field of Interest Funds:


These types of funds are established by donors who wish to contribute to an area of concern (e.g., youth, family welfare, etc.) but do not want to designate a particular organization. The Foundation makes grants that meet current needs in the chosen fields.

  • Burl and Edith Bryan Fund

  • Phyllis I. Genth Fund

  • Habitat for Humanity of Wells County, Inc. Fund

  • Indiana Lions for Leader Dog, Inc. Agency Pass-Through Fund

  • LiGHT Fund

  • LiGHT Endowment Fund

  • Ronald L. Milholland Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Virginia Gene Neuenschwander Youth Fund

  • Earl F. and Vera R. Rudy Youth Enhancement Endowment Fund

  • Phyllis Shinn Memorial Fund

  • G. Robert and Emma Studabaker Endowment Fund for the Physically and or Mentally Challenged

  • G. Robert and Emma Studabaker Senior Citizen Fund

  • Wells County Ag Leadership Endowment Fund

  • The Wells County Health Fair Fund

Scholarship Funds:


May be established in memory of an individual, for graduates of a specific high school, field of study, or for those planning to attend specific colleges or universities.

Click here for scholarship applications (February & March)

  • P. A. Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Mabel M. Wilson Archbold Scholarship Fund

  • Adam Ault Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Mary Elizabeth Steiner Babcock Endowment Fund

  • Janet Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Bluffton-Harrison Elementary PTO Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Ralph A. Broman Educational Scholarship Fund

  • Christian Care Retirement Community Contingency Endowment Fund

  • Ingeburg Clawson and Glenda Kaye Meyer Field of Interest Fund

  • Mr. and Mrs. Pete W. Cole Scholarship Fund

  • Claude and Helen Decker Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Loren and Helen Decker Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Ronald E. DeWitt Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • James I. and Glennis S. Dick Business Scholarship Fund

  • Paul and Phyllis Dotterer Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Jill Dreyer Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund

  • Daniel M. and Ruth A. Eichhorn Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Jean and Joe W. Gilliam Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Edward J. and Henrietta R. Goetz Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • The Scott Hanni Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • LiGHT The Way Gifting Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

  • Harry and Dorothy Lindstrand, Bernard Hookanson and Phoebe Lindstrand Hookanson Memorial
    Scholarship Fund

  • Zack W. McKee Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Gary L. McMillen Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Margaret J. McPheeters and Nancy Sprague Williams Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Bettye J. Minniear Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Montpelier Pony & Saddle Club Scholarship Fund

  • Gaylord and Crystal Mounsey Scholarship Fund

  • John and Martha Mugg Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Painter-Webber Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Edwina Patton Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Wells County Pilots Association, Inc. Fund

  • Pretzels, Inc. Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Clare and Edith Prible Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund for Boehmer Church

  • Forrest Dwight Ramseyer Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Deborah Reinhard Memorial Teaching Scholarship Fund

  • Sellers Family Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Sellers Family Memorial Scholarship for Manchester University Fund

  • Sherrie's Kitchen Scholarship Fund

  • Rex, Marceille and Jerry Shutt Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Six Mile Church Christian Education Scholarship Fund

  • Joe Smekens Tiger Spirit Scholarship Fund

  • James W. Stogdill Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Lou Ann C. Stogdill Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • William J. and Phyllis (Zehr) Stogdill Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • August and Eleanor Streater Mathematics and Science Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • G. Robert and Emma Studabaker Agricultural Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Lewis and Eileen Ward Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Wells County Master Gardener Scholarship Fund

  • Wells County Turnaround Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Vance and Marie Wilson Nursing Scholarship Fund



An unrestricted gift to the foundation is an excellent way to provide resources for grantmaking and help make a positive difference in the community. Income from these funds is used for grants to nonprofit organizations serving Wells County.

  • Community Enhancement Endowment Fund

  • Ellen A. Gerbers Unrestricted Endowment Fund

  • Edward J. and Henrietta R. Goetz Unrestricted Endowment Fund

  • Charles F. and Hildreth L. Hissem Endowment Fund

  • Ossian State Bank Community Enrichment Endowment Fund

  • Edwina Patton Unrestricted Endowment Fund

  • Elizabeth V. Patton Unrestricted Endowment Fund

  • Margaret Powers Unrestricted Endowment Fund

  • Unrestricted Fund

  • Unrestricted Endowment Fund