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Ladies Initiating Giving – An Honored Tradition

What is LiGHT?
LiGHT was established by a core group of local women whose aim was to improve the quality of life for women and children in Wells County by collectively funding grants to charitable initiatives with the same purpose.

How can I participate?
LiGHT is made up of members who contribute a minimum of $25 annually.  While gifts of any amount are welcome at any time, donors who contribute $25 annually will have the opportunity to cast an individual vote for grant receiving agencies in the fall.

What happens to my contribution?
Contributions are split between the endowment to continue building the legacy for future generations and the non-permanent fund to be granted at the annual fall meeting.  Requests to designate a contribution completely to the endowment or completely to the non-permanent fund are honored.

When and how are LiGHT Fund grants awarded?
The LiGHT Steering Committee reviews all requests for funding to insure eligibility requirements have been met.  In the event there is a large volume of requests, the Steering Committee may narrow the requests into finalists for the membership to vote upon in the fall.  Each  member of LiGHT will have a vote for the recipient of the grant award at the fall meeting.  The recipient of the grant(s) will be determined by majority vote of LiGHT membership.  The Foundation’s Board of Directors shall have final approval on all grants made.

What is the LiGHT Steering Committee?
The LiGHT Steering Committee is responsible for organizing and overseeing the solicitation of contributions to the fund, membership activity, annual meetings, grantmaking and fellowship opportunities.  The Steering Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors of The Wells County Foundation, Inc.

How do I become a member?
Membership is simple!  Send a check ($25 minimum contribution is required annually for membership/voting privileges) to The Wells County Foundation, Inc.  Write LiGHT in the memo, and we’ll do the rest!  Contact any Steering Committee member or the Foundation office for additional information.

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