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Ladies Initiating Giving – An Honored Tradition

LiGHT Grant Guidelines

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LiGHT Grants should offer opportunities for encouragement, education, or enlightenment for women and/or children in Wells County.  Applications may be individuals (endorsed by an organization), groups or organizations.  The number of individuals affected by the grant award should be considered.  LiGHT will be accepting grant applications ranging from $100 to $3,000.  

Grant Availability

Submission deadline of application is September 6, 2024.  All grant applications will be reviewed by the LiGHT Steering Committee.  All grant applications meeting the guidelines will be presented to the membership for consideration and voting at the fall meeting.  In the event there is a large volume of requests, the Steering Committee may narrow the requests into finalists for the membership to vote upon in the fall.

Excluded from Grant Funding:

  • Awards to make up operating deficits, post-event or after-the-fact situations;

  • Awards to support special fundraising events, including endowment campaigns; and

  • Awards to profit-making enterprises and/or projects for personal gain.

Requests for support of projects presented by religious or faith-based groups may be considered if a general, broad-based community need is being met and the project does not promote the teachings or doctrine of a particular church or religious organization. No grants will be made to any political organization or to support attempts to influence the legislation of any governing body other than through making available to the community at large the results of non-partisan analysis, study and/or research.

Grant recipients will be notified after the LiGHT Fall meeting, October 14, 2024.

For questions, contact the Wells County Foundation, at 260-824-8620 or email at

Submit your grant application on or before September 8, 2023 to:

The Wells County Foundation, Inc.
222 West Market Street
Bluffton, IN  46714

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